Rhino 6 - at least five gumball bugs

  1. Rhino 6 documentation says: “Gumball widget location and orientation: To move, rotate, or scale the gumball widget controls freely… Press and hold Ctrl and click and drag the gumball control to move, rotate, or scale the control freely.”

This does not work. When the cursor hovers above the free move origin, all three move arrows are highlighted, but the movement of the gumball widget is restricted to one axis.

  1. Rhino 6 documentation says: “When a + or - is used with the units, gumball handle will grow or shrink by that amount. This can make objects a specific distance longer or shorter than the current size in that direction without needing to calculate a scale factor. Other units can be specified, but model units are used by default. This is different from Rhino 5, where a negative scale number would flip object - mirror it and scale by the number as a factor.”

This is not true. The gumball scale works the same way as in Rhino 5.

  1. GumballRelocate command seems to take data from PersistentOnSurface object snap, but the gumball widget does not relocate.

The help section you quoted refers to moving one of the controls (move, rotate, scale) and not relocating the gumball anchor, which is covered by the following:


(I don’t find this very easy or intuitive to do however…)

@KelvinC - I don’t know what the “ignore the text field” part refers to though…

You have to type the units in order to make this work - i.e. 2mm not just 2.

However, I still don’t understand how this is supposed to work, for example if I have a 10mm box and I click one of the scale handles and type “-1mm”, the box becomes 8mm in that direction, when I would have expected 9…

Yep, this looks buggy to me… @pascal can you confirm?

The text field means the value box that appears when you click on a gumball control.

The description might be correct at some point in the past but looks like incorrect for now. I’ll rewrite. Thanks.

@KelvinC while you are at it, there is a duplicated entry here you can remove:


Cheers, --Mitch

Relocate Gumball: Press Ctrl and click the gumball widget (ignore the text field). Release Ctrl and start dragging to relocate the gumball widget.

My mistake - I did not read documentation very carefully and I did not release the Ctrl key.

I agree. It is complex and confusing. Is it called gumball control or gumball widget? It should work while the Ctrl key is held down.

It makes no difference.

Rhino 6 documentation says: GumballRelocate
Another way to move relocate the gumball is to press and hold Ctrl to drag the gumball widget rather than the object.

Rhino 6 documentation does not mention the fact that menu ball options window can be displayed by moving the cursor to the free move origin and clicking right mouse button.

Gumball controls are the arrows, arc… Gumball widget is the whole Gumball.

This is the youtrack issue for scale input with units. If it is not a bug, @mikko can explain.

Thanks, I’m in the progress of reviewing the gumball help topic.

@pascal I have found three new gumball bugs. Three items of the ball menu and the context menu do nothing: Align to CPlane, Align to Object, and Align to World. This bug does not exist in Rhino 5.

ball menu:

context menu:

Seems to be working fine in current SR Candidate for 6.2

I use 6.1.18037.13441, 2018-02-06

In that case it is apparently already fixed if it was broken. If you want to you could set in the Check for Updates dialog in Options to the Service Release Candidate frequency, so that you can test/use the SRCs as well. Not obligatory of course, just a FYI :slight_smile:


Yeah this is absolutely crazy, wrong and counter intuitive. I complained about this too, I was one of the people asking for relative control and unit-defined control, the current implementation is not what I wanted and not something that I find useful. At all.

Equally frustrating is that another alternative to make these numerical/precise changes would be using BBox Edit, but I really missed the very limited (compared to all the things we requested about it when being created) Bbox Edit in V5. In V6 it’s slow, buggy, glitchy with display and input. We also brought this up and still not working well. At all.

I hope these two get revisited soon. They are re too important to be relegated or not given the proper attention to clear UX, reliability and craftsmanship.


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Even more fun is when you set the gumball aligned to object. The 10mm block is now suddenly 5mm long.

Hi Mitch - what happens is that the scaling handle moves -1mm, it is not an overall dimension - so there is logic there and it matches what would happen if you used the scale commands and entered numbers. To make the box 9mm, Gumby needs to be centered on the far corner - No. that’s a lie … now I do need another coffee.

This is what I expected after aligning gumball to the object. It looked likeit was on one corner edge - entering -1mm made it 5mm short

Yeah, maybe coffee is not the right beverage. Still poking…

I guess it works:

Relocate gumball to side you want to keep stationary, x-axis in direction of block. Now ctrl-drag the (x-axis) scale control to be 10mm away. Now typing -1mm in the handle works.

Ah, yes, the handle location… but… ugh. I’ll take this as support for my contention that BoxEdit and Gumball should be one thing…


Ohh my…! This is utterly complicated! Clicking on the scale handle and typing the dimension you want it to be with units should be the way to go. So, if I want the box to be 10mm from one of the corners:
1 move the gumball to that corner
2 clicking on the scale handle I want to change
3 type 10mm _enter
4 done!

and 1.b ensure the necessary scale handle is of the right length