Does any one have the display settings to match Rhino 5’s Shaded Mode (with shadows)?

Kinda an odd question here: I’ve always really liked the Shaded (With Shadows) Mode that was standard in Rhino 5. When I first bought Rhino 6, I was hoping it was still the same, but actually it was quite different. One time I got pretty close by modifying the R6 Shaded Mode via Advanced Display Settings but never quite got the lighting right. Was hoping someone here would know the settings or shoot me a screenshot of them. An example of what I’m talking about:

image image

I’d appreciate it if ya could share these settings for use in Rhino 6/WIP 7, thx

Hello - in the display mode ssettings, set lighting to use defaults, and remove the custom material

Does that do it?


Hi Pascal, yeah that gets very close to it, thx so much