Want to set up a screen edge keyboard Control+F3

I move from one open file to another. I use the keyboard shortcut Control+F3 to explode the file all on one screen so I have the ability to pick the file I need. I have been reading but not having any luck. Screen edges use macro’s but I am not seeing how to do this.

Thank you for your time. side anyone using a 10key to run the commands that they use most?

I have played on and off for the last 1year now using it full time so some of these things would be great.

Hi @Sean_Allen-

I think I’m a little unclear on what you are trying to do.

Screen edges use macro’s but I am not seeing how to do this.

Are you trying to use Rhino’s screen edge? (Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse > Screen Edges)?

I guess I don’t understand how macOS’s exposé feature relates to screen edges. I’m probably just missing something obvious.


Yes Dan that is what I am trying to do. (Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse > Screen Edges). but all my open Rhino files i am copying from one file to the next. Would like to Window > file name. then pick the file. when i use the control + F3 all the rhino files on the screen then I pick one. I would like.

I want to switch between rhino files
without having to use the menus

hope this helps

that’s built into the OS… Exposé (now called Mission Control)

if you want to see all the windows in your current application, press control + down arrow
to see all the windows open in every application, press control + up arrow
(note- use the actual ‘control’ key… not to be confused with CTRL or command)

you can customize the shortcuts if you like… i personally use macOS hot corners (similar to Rhino’s screenedges except in the corners… i think this is what you’re looking for)… for me, top-left is Expose… top right is Sleep… bottom right is Desktop…

check out System Preferences -> Mission Control for all the options

also, control+F3 isn’t necessary to trigger Expose… pretty sure it’s just F3 without the control key :wink:
[edit- ok, i see the difference now… my bad… F3 is full Expose… control+F3 is current application windows)

Thanks for the info guys. I was hoping just to have this inside Rhino with screen edge.

why would you want to have this specifically set in rhino, when the system integrated function does this already? maybe there is a misunderstanding but is this what you are looking for? see video, just that you know i switched off all animation delays so it happens in an eyeblink in case this may be confusing to watch.

this is being achieved with the exposé as jeff described moving to a corner of the screen.

I don’t use Expose in any other program and would love for it to be the whole edge not just a corner. I know about the corners.