Can I give Rhino suggestions without being a douche?

So like I use Rhino and its amazing… I can’t make a Rhino myself. One time I programmed a tic-tac-to game… but someone helped me. Can I still give suggestions without the Harvard PhD programming engineers laughing?

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Hello - that is what the forum is for, among other things - - fire away. Please be as explicit as possible as to what you’d like add why and provide examples if possible.



Where explicit means precise.

Mockups are useful too.

  • Command that snaps selection to center origin (I made a script that does this)
  • Command that combines ArrayCrv and TweenCrv… TweenAlongCrv
    (would be cool with two rails)
    Command that slices all selected intersecting curves where they intersect. Maybe you can already do this, but I just keep using Split.
  • Not sure why but BoxEdit is extremely slow- even for a few items.
  • Rhino Mac has a bug when you expand to full screen in that there is a black bar at the top. In order to get full screen without the bar you need to click the green minimize button and then click it again to re-full screen.
  • Rhino Mac also has an issue with full screen mode when you open Grasshopper. You can’t open Grasshopper over your window because it opens as a completely different application. Maybe make an option to turn one of the viewports into Grasshopper?
  • Rhino Mac doesn’t have a ‘+’ button in the Tab bar. I’m not sure how you would open a new project in another tab over another window. Having everything in tabs would make any desktop way cleaner.
  • Pleeeease sync the supported file systems in Rhino Windows and Rhino Mac. When you open a Windows file on Mac, it says it was created with a newer version of Rhino… even if you are running the newest versions of both programs. I’m not sure how it works, but Rhino for Mac should get an update so that it can read Rhino 6 files. Rhino is so heavily used on Macs because of architecture/design students and educators. But many models need to be used with Rhino for Windows simply because of the rendering support. Now these models need to be exported to Rhino 5 to be used on a Mac. With programs like Dropbox and Google Drive… etc., the same files are constantly being used back and forth between operating systems.
  • I am dying for a rendering engine with Rhino Mac. Mac CPUs are getting more advanced and Apple is starting to support eGPUs. Keyshot isn’t so great, and Maxwell’s “Rhino” engine just opens another program.
  • Viewing V-Ray bars in perspective viewport. Can you already do this?

Hi Aiden - as a possible workaround for now, a Sweep and ExtractIsocurve may do the job in some cases at least.


That… makes sense

Rhino WIP for the Mac is being worked on, it’ll bring the version numbers to the same level - and pretty much feature parity (that’s the goal anyway).

Again, Rhino WIP for Mac. You’ll have access to the Raytraced mode, which is the Cycles render engine, integrated right into your viewport.

p.s./edit: moved to #rhino-for-mac

Thanks for the response! Any word on when WIP might be available?

The WIP is already available: Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.12.18338.15016

If you intended to ask when Rhino 6 for Mac will be released: it will still be some time. There isn’t a timetable for that yet.

Command that combines ArrayCrv and TweenCrv… TweenAlongCrv
(would be cool with two rails)

Dunno if you are using any Grasshopper but Pufferfish has components for tweening curves along curves (one or two rails) and on surfaces.

Command that snaps selection to center origin (I made a script that does this)

When you are using the Move command (or any command asking you to place something -like a curve point) just type 0,0,0 then Enter / Return. This will send your selection to the Origin.

Or just “0” does the same

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If I understood your request correctly - split all selected curves mutually with each other - the script below should do that… I agree this would be a nice enhancement. The script (which is a bit of a hack admittedly) also works on surfaces/polysurfaces by the way. (1.9 KB)

This is unlikely to happen, because development is already largely underway for V6/Mac, so corrections to the current V5/Mac will likely be bugfixes only. Also no previous version of Rhino has ever been able to open the next version’s files…

Yeah, this is strange. It happens to me when I have two or more files open.

First file:

Second file:


I don’t like this either.


You may want to actually type out those reasons. After several decades trying to acquire the skill of electrotelepathy I am still just a “normal” human being, having to rely on people actually telling what is wrong when there is something wrong - and why.


How do you get Rhino to look like that?

In options there are all kinds of settings for the user interface colors.

OS X Mojave, dark mode.


My point was that I can guess all I want, do stuff based on that - but it’ll still require you (or anyone else) to say whether it was right or wrong. You don’t have to like that, but I think it is an important part of the whole development process.

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I’m sorry if I somehow offended you, I tried to be civil, I guess I failed.

I guess humor doesn’t always convey well.

Hey ! This doesnt work because you still need to select the Move From point. How do you select the point in the very middle of the object?