UI Question

Hi. I remember that I could go between views with the shortcut CTRL+TAB in PC.

Is there anyway to do it in MAC version?


CMD+tab is one way to go between open apps.

CTRL + F3 (may need fn key depending on how your F keys are set) to go between windows of the same app. Like if I have 3 Rhino windows open. Docked Windows will only show up in the bottom row.


The command is NextViewport.
I don’t think it’s assigned to any keystroke combination by default as Cmd+Tab is used by OSX to jump between open applications.
You can assign the command to something convenient.

Thanks John, toggles between views in Rhino when in one-viewport mode. New to me.

Thanks all for the fast reply.
I can see the command when I type it, but not in the command preferences.

I am trying to assingn the Fn+TAB to this.

I thought I could find the command inside the preferences----> Commands


Are you looking for the icon?

My Mac’s video card is dying so I have sporadic usage until I get the new mac promised today. So I may not be able to help much.

I am tryng to assign a shortcut to a command. I do not know other way to search for the command.

Is there any ?

make an alias, this adds a key combo to a command, not sure about using Tab or fn key on a mac. I would probably use NV if it was me.

Thanks rhinorudi. Is there any place where I can learn this? how to make an alias? what is NV?

go to Preferences / Aliases

Click the + down on bottom left to add a new Alias.

I used a keyboard shortcut of nv or NV (you don’t have to use the Capital letters to type it out from keyboard)

Then type in the command you want that key combo to activate.

Copy like above, you can put any keys you like.

here is my Aliases as a text file, you can import by selecting the gear wheel down at bottom and import.

Revised Rhino Aliases.txt (1.2 KB)

Thanks! alot ! What is NV ? you press N+V?

Why is not possible to assign a shorcut ?
Are aliases for type it in the command line ?

I just used those keys to run the command NextViewport. You can use any keys you like.


To assign to an icon in the commands, you first have to duplicate your default commands to edit.

I and other people have explained this before, creating new icons to run specific commands or macros.

Make or edit an palette in the upper left window. Add Icon by clicking the + in the middle top window. Double-click the top right window to edit the icon. In the bottom right you can add the text & command like in image. This will give you an icon button for NextViewport.

You can drag and drop an image to change the ? in the icon.

IHTH «Randy

Thanks Rhinorudi. I think i am not explaing myself well.
I do not want an icon and also not looking for a “typing method” for the NextViewport. I just want a shortcut that brings me to the next viewport like the default rhino in PC.

Thanks a lot for your patience. I know that I am draggin this post quite far.

If you don’t want an icon and you don’t want a keyboard shortcut, how do you want the shortcut to work? how does it work in Windows?

The options that you kindly wrote me were:

  1. Press an Icon
  2. Type in my keyboard a command like “Split” and I will get split.

I want to press in my keyboard Fn+TAB or Ctrol+TAB that is not the same to type a word and then enter.

When I checked the ALIAS area I understood that ALIAS are the way you write a command not for shortcuts between to keys.


if you go back to where you see the command editor picture above. You would change the keyboard shortcut you want there. You have to be careful because some key combos can be a system / OSX combo.
Search here for keyboard shortcuts, at least 2-3 discussions on this. Right now I cannot add any.

Thanks so much. Now it is working. Thanks really this is my more time saving resource.

Hi. I changed my computer and can not find the Nextviewport command can you help me ? Is the new rhino lacking this function ?

Thanks a lot.