Shortcuts to switch between documents (⌘`)?

If I have more than one document open, is there a shortcut (or a command I could map to a shortcut) to cycle between windows? Obviously, in Rhino for Windows, I’d just use alt-tab.

Mac applications are supposed to implement the shortcuts ⌘and ⇧⌘ (cmd-backtick and shift-cmd-backtick) to cycle between open documents, but it seems this is missing from Rhino OS X?

I use Control+F3. Depending on how your F keys are set up, you may need your fn (function) key. this is when I just have Rhino docs maximized.

If you want to tab between open apps, then ⌘+tab. You can the just click the app with your mouse also, you don’t have to toggle through all your open apps, once the open apps window comes up.

These are not Rhino things, but OSX things.

FWIW «Randy

Hmm… with the default OS X settings, Ctrl-F3 brings up Exposé for the current app’s windows, and then you can pick one with the mouse or cursor keys; or, Ctrl-Fn-F4 cycles between all open windows in all apps. Both of those seem just as bad as using the Window menu, though. But in any case my real problem is that none of the above works with full-screen Rhino documents (which, I should have mentioned, is how I use Rhino).

It seems like the only option is to use Ctrl- → and Ctrl- ←, which cycle between all full-screen spaces.

However, I did discover that the ⌘` command works for Rhino windows that aren’t full-screen, so that’s something.

I never work full-screen, so maybe that is one thing. I never understood the Windows habit of having to work full screen, just me, no offence. I know when I have 2-3 Rhino models open, using Ctrl+F3 works for me to bring all Rhino windows in focus so I can pick the one I need.

This seems more of an OSX thing than a Rhino thing though.

COMMAND-TILDE aka < ⌘-~> works on Rhino and in most Mac applications.

This seems to just toggle through any open apps.

Another way to show all open Rhino files is from the dock Icon / Show All Windows.

gives me this …

From Wikipedia on Mission Control …

Mission Control includes three separate features for organizing windows and open applications:

All windows
Shows all open and unhidden windows and desktops shrinking their appearance so they all fit on a single screen. On newer Mac keyboards, this is activated from the F3 key, or F9 on older keyboards. On Apple’s Magic Mouse or multi-touch trackpads, this can be activated by pulling up on the trackpad with three or four fingers. Mission Control redesigned this feature extensively to show all running desktops.
Application windows
Also called ‘App Exposé’. Shows all open and unhidden windows for the currently active application. During this mode, the user can cycle through windows of different applications by pressing the tab key. This can be activated by pulling down with three or four fingers on a trackpad, the F10 key on older keyboards, by pressing Control + F3 on newer Apple aluminium and Macbook keyboards, or by right-clicking the app’s icon on the dock and selecting ‘Show all windows’. On OS X 10.6, it could be activated by clicking and holding the application icon in the dock.
Moves all windows off the screen, with just the edges of the windows visible at the side of the screen, giving the user clear access to the desktop and any icons on it. This can be activated by pressing Command F3 on newer Apple aluminum and Macbook keyboards, the F11 key on older keyboards. On a trackpad, it can be selected by placing four fingers on the trackpad and pulling them away from each other.
In the first two cases, after Mission Control is activated, the user can select any window by clicking on it or selecting it with arrow keys and pressing Enter. Exposé then deactivates, leaving the selected window in the foreground. Using Apple Mighty Mouse, it is possible to select a window using the Scroll Ball, by scrolling in the direction of that window.

The key used for activating Exposé can be customized to be any of the function keys, the shift, control, option or command key, the fn key on Mac laptops, or even a mouse button on multiple-button mice (including Apple Mighty Mouse).

Different features of Mission Control can also be activated by moving the mouse to a ‘hot corner’ of the desktop. This system is off by default; it can be enabled from System Preferences.

CMD-TAB switchs among applications.
CMD-TILDE switched within applications.

CMD+tilde only works if all Rhino windows are not minimized (to the dock). If one Rhino window is maximized and 3 are minimized this keyboard shortcut doesn’t do anything. At least not for me right now.

That is why I always forget about that one.