Wallacei Not Working rhino inside revit

With the latest updates looks like wallacei, is not working in rhino.inisde.revit. It works normally with rhino, however when opened inside revit, wallacei,just performs once generation and stops working giving no results.
Please can you have a look
Example File - Wallacei X.gh (38.3 KB)

According to the graph in the screenshot, the objective you assigned is not changing through the evolution - please make sure your objectives are actually being impacted by your set of genes and changing.

Hello Milad,
It is the same file you have in the example folder. It is not a file i created. The issue is it work well with rhino. However, when opened with rhino inside revit, it just stops working. I think it is having issues with working in the revit portal

Hello Milad,
Can you try opening the file in revit and check.
It is the same file you have uploaded as example.

We will look into this problem in due course and update you.

Any updates about this problem?

It will be addressed in the next release of Wallacei