Wallacei V2.65 does not open

Hello, I was already using Wallacei X v2.65 on Rhino 7 (7.13.21348.13001) but when I reopened rhino and tried double-clicking it doesn’t open. Not sure what’s happening since I’ve already been using this component since last month.

All files are already unblocked when I reinstalled them. I have also tried reinstalling, downgrading to v2.6, and installing in Rhino v6, but it still won’t open. Trying to open the component on a new file still does nothing.

Hope anyone can help me fix this issue! Thanks

Hi Thomas,

The latest update is working on my end (im using the example file). if you send me your definition thats not working i can have a look.

Hi @mmakki_10 , I didn’t realize it was a problem with my script! There was a wrong input to the Wallacei objective component. I didn’t know that when there’s an invalid input to the Wallacei X component, it won’t open at all. Thanks, everything now works fine!