Problem with wallacei installation

Hello, forum. I have a problem with installing the Wallacei. the components didn’t appear completely in my toolbar. I unblocked the folder first of all but it had this problem every time I installed it.

make sure you drag the correct files to the correct folders. Please follow the steps in this video:

Thank you @mmakki_10
I think it doesn’t work because of the version of my Rhino (SR12).

What rhino version do you have?

Rhino 6 SR12

It works with R-SR12. Did you install the rhino 6 version of Wallacei (on food4rhino there is a version for rhino 6 and another version for rhino 7)? if you did install wallacei for rhino 6, then you need to make sure that all the files in the wallacei.x installation folder are unblocked and also make sure you installed Wallacei.x in the correct folder (grasshopper libraries).

I did all of the steps as you say, according to the tutorial video, 2 or 3 times. but some of the components appear.
Is the problem because of being read-only? I changed it but it returned to the first state.

Can you open the Wallacei.x folder and right click each file inside to make sure they are all unblocked.

like this:

Thank you for your screenshots. I did these steps before but nothing has changed.

Ok we will look into this some more.

Best thing to do in the short term is to update your rhino to the latest SR. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you restart rhino if you unblocked while it was open.

I repeated these steps more than 3 times. Anyway, thank you for your consideration.

Your Rhino Version should be above SR18, Please update your rhino and reinstall, it should work then

@milad.showkatbakhsh @mmakki_10 thank you for your response. I updated Rhino and it worked.