Wallacei evolutionary and multi-objective optimization engine integration to Revit via Rhino Inside

At Wallacei, we have been looking into the integration of Wallacei as an evolutionary and multi-objective optimization engine within Revit. Thanks to Rhino Inside technology, now Revit users can take full advantage of Wallacei evolutionary and analytic engine in their design processes, optimize their designs for multiple objectives, analyse their results and select solutions based on comprehensive selection strategies that Wallacei provides. More coming soon. Stay tuned.



Anything missing in “inside” that can help you?

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So far so good. I know “Inside” is at its early stages, but so far it is very promising. It can change lots of tedious workflows for good. We at Wallacei will be continuously looking into “Inside” and adapt our engine to future stable releases for sure. If anything comes to mind, we will definitely share our thoughts with you. Thanks for the great work. I can’t wait to see future outcomes.