WIP installation don’t work

Hello there! This is Andrés and this is my first post here!

Short story is I’m an Architect that works with Revit on a daily basis, and I’m very exited by the fact that Rhino in now a available for Revit!!, so I’ve seek for the Rhino WIP for my Revit 2019-20 but I’ve found that the installation don’t work at all, the browser just don’t start, so I’ve downloaded the Rhino 6 version but Revit isn’t capable to work with, so i I click on Revit at the Rhino plugin it ask me for the WIP version, but that version don’t work, any thoughts?

best regards from France

Welcome here!
The Rhino 7 WIP is available from https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-windows/wip
When you download this file, make sure to unblock it before running it.

If you run into problems from there on, please provide a detailed description of what happens and upload screenshots where that might be helpful for us to determine what is going on.

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Just to be clear: You need to own a license for Rhino 6 in order to install Rhino 7 WIP. As I understand it the Rhino 6 evaluation version won’t do it.

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Hi and thank’s both for your replies! Indeed I guess that’s the problem @AIW as I stated on my post I’m just evaluating the tool so I don’t have any license yet, I’m using the trial version so no luck to try the tool inside Revit!!, but I’m still happy to know that this type of game-changing tool is on the market, I’ll still learning Rhino within my trial version for so!, thank’s a lot and best regards