Wallacei not run

hello, I’ve been running wallacei normally in my projects, however, when I make a project using kangarroo 2, the same as in the example that comes with the component, but when I click on the component’s ion, it doesn’t open, and I can’t continue with the simulation, I don’t know how to make it open correctly, I think I connected everything correctly, I don’t know what it might bemodelo de la forma.3dm (1.2 MB)
genetica cohesion.gh (897.4 KB)

Hi Jhordan,

I looked at your file and I could open Wallacei easily. please look below:

But I noticed something, As you can see you have 19 objectives. Is it intentional? if it is, it is not advised as the problem will not be optimised efficiently. One of the number parameters holding one of your objectives includes multiple numbers, is it correct and intentional? You might be missing a step here.

Even if this is something that you intended to do, these numbers do not have any relationship to the genes. I ran the simulation and the following occurs.

This means that there is no change in these objectives. Anyways I think there needs to be some adjustment to your design problem.

HI, I´ve only 4objetives, Idon´t Know why so many objetives appear. This had already happened before, when I place 3 objectives, 5 appear when running the simulation, but since there were few I ignored them. And why when I try to open it I can’t open it, or I’m doing something wrong

You need to check your Number Parameter components that are holding your objectives. If they have more than one number inside, they will be counted as separate individual objectives. Please check the video below: