Issue in Wallacei result

Hi everyone,

I am conducting multi-objective optimization using the Wallacei component. I have used it before, and it worked well. However, this time, I have an issue. As you can see in the photo for the gene {3;0} (photo 2), the second objective, which is energy consumption, is not realistic compared to the other genes. Additionally, there is no result for that gene in the “data” component (photo 1); it jumps from {2;9} to {3;1}.

I decoded the genomes and set all the genes to their corresponding values for {3;0}, then ran the simulation. However, the result of the objective was okay and not 0.432. Do you know what the problem might be?
Thank you in advance for your help,

Hello Nassim,

Please provide your file so I can run some checks from my end.

Thanks, Milad. The issue is solved. I just used an older version of my code, and it worked properly. There may be a minor mistake in whatever I added afterwards.

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