Wallacei doesn't start running

Hello everyone
When I start Wallacei simulation it doesn’t run properly and it doesn’t show runtime or any other activity at all. I’m new in this and I really need some help.


I can help you if you share your file. It is impossible to know why now. There might be various reasons.

Thanks Milad, I should mention that my friend run the file smoothly, and I can run other models too. I’m really confused.
G41 - Copy.gh (769.6 KB)

Please use URL for your EPW file. I don’t have your file and some of the components do not work.

I’m really sorry. I send you the files
IRN_Tehran-Mehrabad.407540_ITMY.epw (1.6 MB)

Sorry to bother you again
But it seems that I can’t run other models too…It was fine before. Even reinstalled the wallacei but nothing has changed

I could not run your GH file as it has some errors in Honeybee simulation from my end, some surface adjacencies in the room formation. If you could fix the issues and re-share the file, I can then see what the problem is in optimisation. It appears to me that the problem stems from other sources and not from the optimisation.

Thanks, Milad
I will modify the model…and try to run optimization again

Hello again
I’m getting new errors,
And my canvas turns red!

Are you using Rhino 7 or Rhino 6? and have installed the correct Wallacei version?

I have used both versions, with correct wallacei versions… unfortunately nothing has changed. Same errors

Earlier today I discovered that all of my parameters except orientation become NaN during optimization and there are lots of yellow components…and they start from join curve.

I’m sorry to disturb you again
But no one has helped me. and I really need help

Please share with me a simplified file that I can run from my end, Your file has a lot of errors.