Wallacei analytics

Hello everyone
I have used Wallacei plugin for the first time. My project is all about rotation degree of the windows in light well in order to maximize daylight into the buldings. I have carried out this simulation and after finishing the optimization, I can not find or understand where are the best (optimum) angles… . I understand that my question might be obvious and simple for you but please let me know what should I do. It is worth noting that I have 15 fitness objective. (number slider)
Thnaks in advance


Do you have 15 objectives? if they are objectives they can not be number sliders. Are you sure they are number sliders? additionally, 15 objectives are too many. you should try to reformulate your problem and have a maximum of 5 or 6 objectives.

Dear Milad
my objective is maximizing the DA (daylight autonomy) in the 15 rooms which are connected to the light-well. I have connected 15 windows rotation (number slider) to wallacei component as genes.

is it wrong?

15 objectives are too many, try to have less.