Problem with optimizing energy and lighting with wallacei

Hello, dear forum.
I have a problem: once I run the energy and light simulation, with changing variables one by one it works. but when I run optimization with Wallacei, it errors. I have checked and understand that the error happens because of my WWR algorithm. (when I use just the depth for gene, it worked properly so I think the problem is according to the WWR). Is there anyone who knows the problem?

overhang- (829.1 KB)

@mmakki_10 @milad.showkatbakhsh
when I change variables one by one and run simulation it works, but when I run WALLACEI, energy and daylight algorithm errors. could you plz tell me why it happens? is it because of reinstalling the newer version of Rhino 6 but I did not install again the plugins? (I run the simulation with existing plugins without reinstalling them.)

I opened your file to do a quick check but some files are missing such as epw. Please make sure you have them all in the file and resend the file, I will run some checks from my end. Maybe include the epw file via the URL rather than the file.

Thank you @milad.showkatbakhsh for your response. I found that the problem reason is something else.
could you please recommend me sources for reading about the output charts of wallacei and how to interpret them?

You can take a look at our Primer. there are extensive explanations of the charts. 5th tab in the UI is Wallacei primer

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thank you very much