Wallacei X Interface Does Not Update While Running

Hi All,

I am fairly new to using Wallacei however all of my interactions with it have been successful up until now, yielding good results. Since my current GH file is fairly heavy a friend offered to run it on their pc for me which is significantly more powerful than my laptop. When they first started running the simulation the estimated time remaining was around 73 hours, which given the file i was not surprised. It was going to be 40ish hours on my laptop with half the population size. They started running the file on Tuesday morning (01-11-2022) around 3am with the expectation that it would be finished in time to include the results in my interim review presentation on Friday (04-11-2022). It how now been running for roughly 57 hours (at the time I am making this post) and the Wallacei interface has not updated. I have been over to confirm it was set up correctly and their computer is not frozen etc… Absolutely nothing seems to be wrong with it and yet the time remaining and run time have not updated and the PCP is not populating. I have included the GH file and a few screenshots from my friends computer. Any possible insight would be helpful! Not sure if I have messed something up in the Wallacei set up or in my GH file.

Thanks in Advance!!

ARCH_700_Grasshopper_Origami_CURVE_FOLD_GRID_Window Openings_VERSION 3_HOUSE_WALLACEI X_31-10-2022.gh (214.1 KB)

I tried several times to run your GH definition but I failed every time. One suggestion is to simplify the problem and run again to see if you could spot the problem. But also speaking of experience, I have a feeling that there is a problem at the beginning of the simulation for the calculation of one of your objectives and Wallacei is stuck in an infinite loop.

Thanks for the reply! Turns out the simulation is just going to take an insanely long amount of time. May be the time now to try to simplify and run again.