Wallacei Diamond Fitness Chart issue

Hello Everyone,
I have successfully run the analysis with Ladybug and Wallacei for a parametric urban design. Although I have some issues with the Diamond Fitness chart. I have followed the tutorials and sample file and use of data structure and tested with alternative ways of handling data (graft, flatten, simply, paths). It is not working properly.
The Standard Deviation or Parallel Coordinate Plot are working fine.
When I export different individuals of different generations the chart gets created following the grid. However it does display the chart or Fitness values for the generation correctly. When I use the Decoded Phenotypes to show the chart with a solution, it does not work.
Then, I tried to export only one Generation, or wto generations, and the chart does not get displayed at all in this case, it comes out as a wrong color filled mesh.
Am I missing something?

Hi Arlind,

Ill need to see your file to check what the issue is, please send it through.

Dear Arlind!
sounds like a data tree issue and you might be getting some null/undesirable results from your algorithm. Kindly share the working file , it will help us delineate the errors faster.

PS. @mmakki_10 Great to see you here!