Not drawing SD graph

I have a problem using wallacei. It doesn’t draw 2 of my SD fitness graphs although the result would change when I change the genes manually, and at the end of process when I want to check unsupervised machine learning result it crash. I’ve never faced with this problem before.
I have 4 genes and 5 objectives.
Could you please help me?

No change in SD refers to no change in an objective. Please upload your GH file or give us more info. It is very hard to find out where your problem is as of now.

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Sure, here’s my GH (106.7 KB)

I looked at your file. As I have said before, this is due to no change in your objectives. Please look at the image below. Obj 1 and Obj 3 are not changing. Also, another note, make sure to flatten the number parameters that are holding your objectives before connecting to WallaceiX

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