Open Wallacei X component without double clicking

Is that possible?
Can it be with Rhino or some Script?

Tnks for read!

This feature is not included in the public version of Wallacei yet

Hi Milad, I wrote my question some months ago, but I couldn’t find my answer yet,
how can select my generation and individual in RELATIVE DIFFERENCE OF FITNESS RANKS


@ksauceda I am curious to know why would like to have this feature. We are trying to understand the demand for this feature and if necessary include it in future releases.

in the third tab in the UI. there is an option, run that analysis and select and add that option to the export list and export

Im creating an interface with Human UI, and the Wallacei X component is the only one that should be opened from grasshopper. I was looking for alternative ways to open it without entering grasshopper canvas.

Getting it on further versions would be awesome.
Tnks! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Milad for your time,
Thanks, Milad for your time,
After finishing the analysis, and after studying the result. I connected Wallacei X to Wallacei Parallel coordinate plot after adding all input after connected to Walleci Parallel coordinate Analysis to choose a specific analysis method.
My question is, How can I find that specific phenotype?
for example in the picture that I uploaded shows,
Method: Relative difference of fitness rank
solution location:
Gen: 1660, Ind: 0- how can I find the phenotype of this GEN and Ind?

instead of running this analysis with Wallacei Analytic component, please run it in the UI (tab3), select the individual, add to export list and export! On a different note, I think you might be using an old version of the Wallacei analytics, generation 1660 individual 0 does not make sense, how many generations did you run the simulation for?

This is Wallace 2.65.


Go to wallacei selection tab, please watch this video, it shows how to export from UI

Milad I know how to extract phenotype, but I need to know find a phenotype related to specific Walleci Parallel coordinate Analysis which show on the 2 picture

I am trying to answer your question based on what you asked here. You are trying to export a phenotype with a specific average fitness rank or relative difference in fitness rank, correct? You can do this in tab 3 in the UI as I said. if you do not want to do it via tab 3 for any reason, and want to use the information from wallacei analytic component, then you can select that individual from tab 2 (with its ID, Gen 39 and Idv 22 for example) and then add it to tab 3 for the export operation. The video series I shared earlier will show you how to do it. If this is not your question then you need to clarify your question as It is not clear at all.