Diamond fitness chart

Hello, dear forum. I have a problem with the graphical output of the diamond fitness chart in wallacei and its component in wallacei analytics.
I will be thankful if someone helps me.

Hi, I need to see your file to check this issue. One a different note please make sure to install the latest user objects (wallacei analytics) there was an error that we fixed it already.

Thank you, it is the last version. I have the same problem with another file too.

side Fins- opt.gh (1.9 MB)
There are differences between output In wallacei component and wallacei analytics charts.
Tehran_Mehrabad_Intl_AP_TE_IRN_2008.epw (1.5 MB)

Hello again. Cause I am a new user of wallacei could you plz answer another question too? The algorithm is about shading optimization. Shading geometry is surface and even when I put it to the phenotype it errors (even when I use the space and shading with each other for geometry component of the phenotype)( 1. Solution exception: Input string was not in a correct format.). When it happens, I have to remove the phenotype input from the wallacei and then again reopen it without this input for extracting the outputs. How can I fix it and what is the problem?
Is one of my objective functions properly for the data input?

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