Wallacei Analytics not working properly

I am having trouble analysing wallacei simulation data in grasshopper. I wanted to use the “Objective Space” and “Diamond Fitness Chart”, but it’s not displaying data properly. I have tried the following:

1.Closing Rhino and Grasshopper
2. Deleting WallaceiX and Wallacei Analytics from my “Libraries” And “User Objects” Folders
3. Downloading the Latest version of Wallacei for Windows 10 and Rhino 7
4. Followed the Wallacei Installation guide, extracting the files and placing them in their respective folders: WallaceiX to “Libraries” folder and Wallacei Analytics to “User Objects” folder
5. Restarting Rhino

So far, these measures haven’t solved the issue, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I’ll share a simple definition I created to highlight the problem, I hope this helps.

Wallacei_Test_April_5.gh (171.4 KB)

Hi Rodrigo,

sorry for not getting back to you sooner… this question slipped through the cracks.

The reason the components aren’t working properly is because you forgot to use a tree restructuring component between the wallacei x FV output and the wallacei analytics FV input. see image attached, this fixes the problem.

(fyi, we are getting rid of this step in future wallacei releases… this should hopefully avoid this problem in the future)

Indeed, I realized I forgot to add that last component. Regardless, thank you for the response. :slightly_smiling_face: