Wallacei not showing charts and graphs

hi, I’m pedram, I’m using rhino7 (v7.19) I’ve tested installing both version of Wallacei (v2.7 and v2.65), I’ve run multiple analysis, it all works fine except the diamond chart and the objective space plot are not showing (both in Wallacei panel and the components extracting those two charts),I also tested the examples coming with the installation file, they showed the diamond chart but not the objective space plot. my analysis had two objectives.
both version having the same problem.
all the files in the installation package were unlocked.
I’ve even tried recopying the files in grasshopper component folder its not working.
would appreciate your help

The diamond chart only works for three objectives and more. Regarding the objective space, the screenshot you uploaded is quite blurry so i cant see much of what’s going on. can you either upload a more high res version or upload your file

yes, thank you I found out that for the diamond chart there should be more than 3 objectives.
but the picture of the objective space are not blury in fact that’s the problem, the graph is not clear( like it has a layer on top causing noise, horizontal and vertical white lines blocking the graph) and one more thing, the diamond chart legends are mixed up, here are some more pictures:

Screenshot 2022-07-05 125445

For the diamond chart, flatten the inputs of (sel gen and sel ind).

the objective space looks weird indeed… can you please send your laptop specs, (right click the start icon and click on ‘system’ and send a screenshot), and which version of Rhino you are using. We’ll look into this further.

thanks a lot for the diamond chart, and sorry for the delay in response Mohammed.
im using a desktop pc
here are my specs:
Benq GW2780 display
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700 2.10 GHz
geforce rtx3060ti
windows 10 pro
rhino 7 SR19
wallacei v 2.7

should I change my graphic card settings?

I have never seen this issue before, it looks like a graphic card issue. Can you share a simplified version of your definition for us just to check to see if it works fine elsewhere or not?

thanks Milad, I’ve doubled checked my code with my friends it works fine on their laptop. in fact, regardless of the code, the graphs not showing. I even tested the tutorial sample files provided they didn’t work either. I might the porblems with the graphic card or the plugin compatibility.