Wall, Section Problem in Enscape

I had to explode walls to polysurfaces to get them to render properly in Enscape. Wondering if this is common.
Enscape doesn’t appear to acknowledge VaSections on my system.

Enscape does not support VA.

I wonder which render plugins do support Va.

VA has some conflict with every render engine out there, but Vray and Cycle show fewer and more light problem than Enscape.

@djhg It looks like Enscape doesn’t support VisualARQ sections. We will report that to Enscape team, if they can fix it. If the sections are not jogged you can try to use Rhino Clipping planes instead.

@archist97 I’d like to know which render engines you found conflicts with VisualARQ, and which conflicts they were. That way we can figure out what’s going on. VisualARQ should work fine with VRay and Cycles, so if you find any issues, please let me know.

Thanks Francesc. With its realtime updates, Enscape is a preferred rendering tool, so it would be great to know that it functions fully with VisualArq.

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