vaSectionView - also vertical?

vaSectionViews cannot be rotatet into a vertical position as it seems, right?

What I’m looking after is a way to cut through / section the building and see the wall layers etc. at the section - Revit style (using it’s section box feature).

Is this possible somehow in VA?


Hi Eugen, do you refer to have a section view from a non vertical plane? or the option to rotate the section view after it has been created?
Can you provide some image about what you are asking for?

I’d like to place a section / clipping plane somewhere and see the wall structure.

Eugen, if you show the model in dynamic section, you should see the wall/slab layers and their section attributes:
From the Section Manager (in VA 2.0) you can activate the Dynamic section for one of the existing section lines:
Is that what you need?

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Awesome!! I forgot dynamic sections… thanks!
Sorry for the noise…

However, I get a lot of polygon artifacts at the section edges.


How are these polygon artifacts like? are they meshes? any screenshot?

Like this…
Using Rhino 5, VA 1.9.6.

Hi Eugen, have you tested it in VisualARQ 2.0 Beta?
The dynamic section of the 1.9.6 version uses the boolean meshes calculation of Rhino 5 that sometimes fails with some meshes. The 2.0 version doesn’t use this “boolean meshes calculation” so that’s why this issue might be fixed.

Thanks, I see.
I have de-installed VA 2.0 beta yesterday, because Rhino crashed after loading a scene with VA 2.0 objects. As much as I would like to use 2.0, I need to work productively.

After downgrading from 2.0 to 1.9.6 and opening the scene, there a few warning dialogs saying “unknown objects” or something like this, but no crash. I deleted the (few) VA objects there were, and rebuilt them.

I still have the crash dump, though. Should I send it to you via mail?

I suppose 1.9.6 and 2.0 cannot co-exist simultaneously, right?

Best regards

Eugen, you can have installed VisualARQ 1.9 and the 2.0 versions at the same time, since VisualARQ 2 requires to be launched from its own icon and doesn’t interfer with the other VA version. However files saved with the 2.0 version can’t be opened in VisualARQ 1.9 versions.
Please send the .dmp to so we can figure out what happened and fix any possible bugs. If you still have the file you loaded into VA 2.0 when Rhino crashed, please send it as well.

I see, thanks! I installed VA 2.0 again, in addition. The scene does not crash anymore… let’s forget about that for now, I’m unsure under which circumstances it happened.

However, the dynamic section artifacts still show up in 2.0. I found out when: when the section line lies exactly at a wall’s end.

Best regards

Eugen, this is probably a boolean error when sectioning an object by a coplanar face. If you use a clipping plane in the same position as the section line, does the section look right?

Yes, better.
I turned off the VA dynamic section and placed a clipping plane there. Some artifacts are visible, depending on the view direction, but not that polygon stuff that VA 2.0 seems to produce.

Eugen, then use the Dynamic Section tool from the Section Manager, rather than the one from the vaDynamicSection command. The result should look fine.

That fixed it, thanks a lot!!

However, shouldn’t the VA dynamic section option in the RMB context menu of the section wield the same result?

Best regards

The vaDynamicSection command (also available from the context menu) will be completely replaced by the new Dynamic section command (the one that can be activated now from the Section Manager) when the 2.0 version comes out.

We have kept the old command because the one from the Section Manager doesn’t support jogged sections. But when it does, we will remove the old vaDynamicSection command.

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Cool, thanks!