Wall ByCurve - Level Constraints

I have a wish and an issue for Wall ByCurve component, more specifically it concerns the top constraints for the walls that I’m trying to make.

Right now you can only specify the Base Constraints (Level) and a Height. Being able to also specify the top attachment as a “Top Constraint” or “Top Level” input would be nice.

I made it work by using the ParameterSet component to change the top constraints parameter for the generated walls, but I still think would preferable to integrate it.

The issue:
Another thing that I want to adjust with ParameterSet is the Top Offset value which is BTW set to a default value of -75 (should be 0?). The problem occurs when I change the value to anything but 0, like -200 mm (slab thickness) the walls get 300 meters tall or something random :slight_smile:
It seems to only work with the zero value.

Any ideas?


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Hey @b.kochoervad
Thanks for the input and feedback. I have filed an issue to make this change into the code:

As for the Top Offset value, Revit API works with imperial units internally so it translates -200 into -200 feet. I filed an issue to correct this behavious in GH interface as well so you can work withing the model units:

I tested the same workflow on imperial model with no issue

Thanks a lot
I did think it was a unit thing but good to get it clarified.

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