Wall by profile creation error

Hi all! :wave:

I am trying to create walls by profile but for unknown reasons I am getting this error on some profiles:

1. RhinoInside.Revit.GH: Failed to create the wall.

The planes of the profiles are planar and vertical, as shown in the image.
But one of them fails and one of them succeeds. I’ve attached the shown example .GH file that has these two surfaces internalised.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this error?

wall_by_profile_error.gh (15.1 KB)

Hi @guus.gooskens,

The external profile has some off-axis edges.

I looks like when you combine several profiles on the same wall and one of those profiles has off-axis edges Revit is unable to create the Wall.

Hi @kike thanks for the quick reply!

I also noticed these warnings. For some profiles this is just a warning that can be ignored and the wall still will be created. But for others it is a critical error. I guess there is a some set treshold in Revit for what is slightly and not-slightly off-axis. What I find odd is that Rhino tells us here the surface resulting from the profile curves is planar and vertical.

Nonetheless, I am looking to understand this warning and for ways to cope with it, as it occurs very often in our models.

Do you maybe understand this warning and have any tips or workarounds for it?

I tried projecting the profile curves of a wall to a plane that is fit between the profile curve points and by rounding the coordinates of the plane, but no luck:

wall_by_profile_error.gh (25.3 KB)

It’s not about planarity, but about horizontality or verticality of the edges.

If edges are almost vertical or almost horizontal, then Revit warns about this.
Try moving the selected vertex in the screenshot just 1mm in X direction or in Y direction.

Revit angular tolerance is 0.1º, my guess is that any edge that is almost vertical or horizontal but not perfectly vertical or horizontal using two times this tolerance (0.2º) is an off-axis edge.

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Thanks, this makes a lot more sense now!

Now I am looking into methods to fix the model from these tolerance issues.
Autodesk has some troubleshooting, but gives no tools to fix such issues.

Changing the angle tolerance in the Rhino settings also doesn’t seem to update the model.

I tried rounding the coordinates of the profiles, but that is not a watertight solution, as even though it did resolve the critical creation error, still there are off-axis warnings (see image).

Would you have any guidance on how to fix such issues in a model? I was thinking of creating some kind of script that loops over the profile points and corrects any coordinate if it was within a certain margin of the previous point coordinate.

wall_by_profile_error.gh (22.5 KB)