Wall by profile

Hi everyone,
trying to explore a bit the wall by profile component. When I use it with regular shape (ex. square, circle, etc.) everyhing works fine. As soon as the shapes gets a bit more complex the component goes a bit crazy creating the walls, but for some unknown (at least to me) reason few walls have the direction flipped… like in the example below. Any suggestion?
test3.3dm (7.9 MB)
from rhino to revit.gh (26.5 KB)

Hi @ste.giudici,

There were a bug on that component.
Please select “Daily channel” from the Rhino.Inside options dialog to get an update with that fix.

Hi Kike,
thanks for the help.
Have a nice one

Hi @kike ,
I have download the latest WIP version as suggested but…where did the Model Category Picker ended up?

Now we have one ‘Built-In Category Picker’ for any kind of Category here:

Amazing. Thanks a lot