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I am trying to render an animation using vray 3.4 public release, but it always stops after the first frame.
There is a “Wait until rendering is finished” message. Then the whole animation stops rendering at frame 1.
In Vray 2.0 the issue was solved by using a “batch render” checkbox. In the new version is not there
Is there a way to avoid this?


Run a command from the C#
(Andrew Heumann) #2

Vray 3.4 still has a “Batch render” toggle in the options…


@andheum @fernandosorianello We removed the batch render option in V-Ray 3 for Rhino, We auto detect if you are in an animation command, and wait until render is finished if needed. There is a bug in this code,

Until we fix this bug, run the below code in the command prompt before recording a bongo animation.

Preformatted text !-_RunScript ( Option Explicit Dim VRay Set VRay = Rhino.GetPluginObject("V-Ray for Rhino") VRay.SetBatchRenderOn True )

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(Andrew Heumann) #5

I stand corrected! Seems like a mistake to me though - animations are hardly the only scenario in which “batch render” was necessary in the old vray. GH vray automation requires it, for instance. I will rely on the script to enable it for now but seems like it would be best to bring it back.


Yes, seems like it was useful for other scenarios, too:


Hi Matt,

is there a list of Vray related commands that can be access by scripts?


It worked, thanks for the quick reply @matt_newberg


Not currently, is there something you are looking to script? Almost everything is accessible by the scripting, and I can add support for anything else you would like to change.


My hope was that all hidden expert options are available per scripting, so that any lost option of VfR2 could be used, for example I have a project where I miss the GI post processing saturation. At my current VfR2 setup I get a perfect look per 0.3 and I would like to use it at VfR3.
Or I could enable detail enhancement. (OK, I’m not sure how well it works with the new approach of Vray, I need to test it).

Buf if not all options are still available than I would prefer to work with the Vray “ini” file. An other idea - at VfR it was possible to import a visopt file that contain some options only. Could it work at VfR3 too? Could I import a file that contain the setup of the GI post processing saturation only?


@matt_newberg Its seems it`s working!!
Thank you, I was searching for it for 5 month


How do i enter that in the command options? never put a script in before, do i copy and paste or do i write the whole of the scrip without spacing?



The @matt_newberg account is no longer active:

You might want to try this:

(Kelvin) #14

when I use that script, it said “Unknown command: Preformatted” Any idea what’s happen

(Travis Serio) #15

@kelvin only copy the !-_Runscript and what’s after it. Do not copy the “Preformatted text” portion.

(Kelvin) #16

I tried it but there is also an error about the code language.

(Kelvin) #17

I tried it but there is also an error about the code language.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #18

Replace the double quotes with regular "V-Ray for Rhino" instead of “V-Ray for Rhino”. Note that the original had the correct "", but your version has the inverted ones.

(Kelvin) #19

hi, it still gives me an error after I changed the double quotes

(Kelvin) #20

if anyone can run this script, can you send me the .txt file to make sure everything is correct. Thank you so much

(Travis Serio) #21

@kelvin02271994 See if this works for you.

vray-setbatch.rvb (285 Bytes)