Waffle Structure Needs To Get More Cool

Hey, thanks for dropping by! I am working towards fabricating my sculpture model. My sculpture is initially modelled in Blender and then imported as .iges (NURBS) into Rhino. I’ve written a definition for the waffle structure which would populate the top half of my sculpture. The current definition has variable cell voids, notch height and depth, and wall extrusion. However, for my purpose i need one more parametric variable for this definition.

Going back to the cell voids, they currently change uniformly. I would want these voids to gradually increase in size, both from the bottom-up, and top-down so I can see which iteration is more aesthetically pleasing. Does anyone have a solution and/or guidance (forums/tutorials) on how I can achieve this?

For further clarification on what I’m looking for I have attached precedent images of the Dubai Airport’s waffle structure. Please pay attention to how the voids gradually increase in size.

Parametric Waffle.gh (24.3 KB)

for starters, I think its the Mumbai Airport roof by SOM.
the basis of modelling is different form a waffle structure - you can see one workflow of how the geometry can be developed in this video.

A starting points would be Panelling tools ,
Some quick searches showed me these:
Paneling Tools Grasshopper - YouTube

Another strong suggestion would be to try Surface morph or Box Morph, Box Morph

Alternatively, you could also look at point attractors.

Some other pointers you could look at are Tutorial 01: Pattern Generation Using ‘Parakeet’; Basics - YouTube

Edit 1 : found this script of the same structure on food4rhino

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Yes, the Mumbai Airport, sorry for that ahaha.

Thanks, I appreciate this! The food4rhino script is essentially what I need, but unfortunately it’s password protected, so I can’t learn how to apply what I need to my own script. Box Morph initially looks interesting and might help, I’ll look into that first.