Making Waffle Structure from Mesh

Hello, im a beginner and trying to understand & learn rhino and grasshopper and i have difficulties to achieve what i intended to make. So i made a mesh from kangaroo, and wanted to make the grids made by the mesh become waffle structure. All goes (visually, at least) well until i tried to use Solid Difference to make the joint on the grid intersection, my grasshopper is not responding for a long time and maybe that’s because of the separated surface on each of intersections (which is not necessary, i needed one long surface when i extruded the wood board to its normal vector). I’m aware that i made the tree much complicated than i needed to do, which bothered me in the progress, and i wanted to ask if there’s another way that can simplify the way and algorithm (instead of making all the segment surfaces) so i could achieve what i intended to do? thank you very much! (I tried to change mesh into NURBS surface but it failed, any way to do this too?) Pardon my english please. Waffle Grid On (76.6 KB)

Nice model.

The problem is that the cutters and timbers are not well lined up. I simply baked the cutters and the beams into Rhino. The try and do some of the boolean differences manually.

The cutter blocks do not fully intersect the beams in many places. I found If the cutters were 10% larger then they fully intersect and the booleans started to work.

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Thank you so much for your reply! Ah i see, so the cutters can’t be smaller than the thickness of the timbre? I tried to scale the cutter myself and it worked like you said! And i wanted to ask if can i do the cutting in the grasshopper with solid difference instead of baking it first to rhino and do the Boolean Difference? Or i should only do the boolean differences in rhino? Thank you!

@scottd explains why the booleans are failing, which is good info, but I believe your method of creating this should be adjusted. Try to rely as little as you possibly can on boolean operations. They are prone to failure and are very computationally intensive.