Waffle Structure transforming problem

Hi, I am a beginer of Grasshopper, and I am trying to make my waffle structure looks like this.

It’s basiclly making the structure’s two side thicker than the middle part. Could anyone give some help?

Rather than try and change the waffle sections I think it would be best to change the original surfaces that the waffles are derived from. How you do this will depend how that initial surface or mesh is created but you could perhaps scale the inside boundary on the XY plane and pull the inner surface to this boundary while keeping the higher part in the same place?

Thank you for your reply!

It is my school submission, and the requirement is to use the “Parametric” method to build my model. So I need to change it in a parametric way.

Maybe you could share a parametric way that can help me reach the result I want?

It would be parametric if you scaled the inner boundary curve… the parameter would be “Scale Factor”

If you upload your model then perhaps someone can take a look at it.

Here is my model and .gh file, please have a look. Thanks!
draft.gh (168.3 KB)
Model frame and mesh.3dm (302.8 KB)