Waffle structure

I’m trying to make a waffle structure but the problem with my script is that it cuts right through the plates as you see in the photo where the plate is cut ( red and blue). How can I alter the script to avoid the plates cutting through?

6.1.gh (14.2 KB)
Untitled.3dm (8.6 MB)

Much appreciated


Hi @natalietai.m,

There are a few things:

  1. I suggest dont move the contour lines once cut. If required shift the staring point for the conturs.
  2. instead of creating boxes, as the geometry is curved at the edges, you need to create extensions for clean cutting.
  3. The common geometry does not have to be fully eliminated but divided into two halves. The two halves have then to be subtracted from the respective side surfaces.

Hope this helps.

Untitled.3dm (13.5 MB)
6.1.gh (20.8 KB)

Hi trnggupta91,

This is brilliant! Thank you for your response.

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