Wacky Gumball in Rhino - Watch this!

OK, all of you are familiar with the Gumball, and mine isn’t any different (at least I believe not). What puzzles me is why Gumball “jumps” and jerks to new positions under the mouse pointer just when starting to dragg the gumball after clicking it?

I made a GIF to illustrate this jerky behaviour :

This whacky behaviour reduces the precision for mouse movements to nearly nothing when for example trying to adjust UVN points. As soon as you start dragging after a click, the Gumball will jerk shift position, and the dragged object is— well, often it’s far off the intended position.

Or is there a setting somewhere where I can turn off this snappy jerking?

// Rolf

R click on the white circle (or the Gumball button @ bottom/center) and check to see if “Snappy Dragging” has been selected?


Ahhh, thanks,… wonderful! … :blush:

// Rolf