VSR / Autodesk Shape Modeling Plug-In for sale

Hi all,
Simple question: Does anyone out there have a VSR / Shape Modeling Plug-In for sale (to the original “reasonable” price before AutoDesk sent the price up into interstellar space).

Perhaps someone out there have such a Plug-In which they no longer use. I’d be interested in buying such a plug in.

PM me on laromai at rilnet com

// Rolf

Hi Rolf,

why not buying it directly from the Autodesk Online store?

Take care


Hi Michael,
I quote myself here:

// Rolf

Hi Rolf,

the price is still the same on Autodesks online shop, like the last months/years. Why to talk about the unkown future, and not to buy now from Autodesk? Or are you looking for a special deal? Or have I missed something?



Yes, you have missed “…before AutoDesk sent the price up into stellar space”.

“Before” means less than 30% of current price. “Before” also is referring to the opposite of future, that is, to the past.

Now the price is higher than the cost for a full commercial Rhino license. That’s what I’m referring to.

// Rolf

Hi Rolf,

yes, this is new to me. In my mind VSR was always over 1000,- Euro/USD.

My 2 cents



There was a small window in time around three years ago when VSR was being absorbed by Autodesk that Shape Modeling was around $375 on special. Even when VSR was independent SM was about twice the price of Rhino, it was always pricey. I doubt you will get anyone to part with their license for anything less nowadays, especially since there are rumors that McNeel will not be adding tools similar to SM into v6 of Rhino.

I didn’t expect to be run over by license owners, which is no reason to not ask. Doubts and hopes aside, I’d expect the owner of a license no longer needed to decide the price.

// Rolf

If you do find anything, check the license agreement to see if the license is transferrable. If it’s not transferrable, then it can not be sold.

Of course John.

It’s sad how many people pay for cracked copies of Rhino or try to purchase a second-hand EDU license. Rhino EDU licenses are not transferrable unless the student upgrades to a newer Commercial license later on. Rhino Commercial licenses ARE transferrable.

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Perhaps you already know whether the license agreement for VSR allows transferring? If so I’d like to know.

I do not. We’ve never had a copy of the software or of the license agreement here at Rhino.

“Not Invented Here” syndrome? :grin:

// Rolf

The Autodesk license says nonsublicensable, nontransferable. Perhaps the Virtual Shape license was less restrictive. IMO one would need to be affiliated with the original owner such that they were still the principal party… Tough to pay much of any amount for a dead-end since VSR dropped off the end of the flat planet Autodesk and R6 is not going to support R5 flavored plug-in’s ?

That depends…
RH5 plug-ins built on top of the RhinoCommon SDK might load in RH6.
That said, I have no idea if this applies to VSR.


I think there is no more people to want using Autodesk product :rage: