Worst customer experience with Autodesk EVER. Shape Modeling for Rhino 5.0


I need help, as Autodesk service is completely useless. I purchased march 4th the VSR plug in for Rhino. It had a link to download Akamai Netsession. I installed it and it didn t download VSR.
I sent 4 emails to Autodesk and no one replied to help me out . Not even acknowledging receipt of my emails even thought I was on their customer service web site.
I called twice. Both times people were totally incompetent and had no clue, nor care about finding a solution. I was sent a link that was supposed to download the plug in and all it did was send me back to their official web page. Nothing concerning VSR.
The other caller told me to download the trial version, but there are no trial versions to download, only to purchase it.

Anyone who downloaded the plug in here and was successful do you have any advices aside for asking a reimbursement ?


Alexandre Galin



Click on Cadmaster’s link and it starts downloading onto your computer - if you want to check what you are downloading first, check this link.

I had trouble with the Autodesk installer too, plain didn’t work, so I downloaded the trial version from this VirtualShape link and entered the product key and serial number from the Autodesk order confirmation email and the activation was successful.

Good Luck

don’t contact Autodesk, they just purchased VSR.
The support is still run by VSR here in germany and these guys are really engaged and helpful.
Even if you did not buy the plug in yet. From my own experience lat year, just bought it too.
Lets hope they will keep it like this.
Autodesk support is really the last thing to wait for, even from a dealer.

Same thing happened to Tsplines some time ago.
What’s the target behind?
Just buying good company’s to play a major role on the growing rhino scene or slowly killing the plugin market by adapting the plugins to Inventor (for example) and after succes stopping rhino support?
Does someone know what I mean?
Not sure if this understandable…


Thank you all

You have been most helpful.
I m so disapointed to see VSR go under Autodesk. I would ve liked to show it to my students at the University. But like what Autodesk just did with Softimage it ll only be a matter of time for VSR for Rhino to be discontinued.

Making the most money isn t the most important thing in life. Having happy and loyal customers is more important
that s why I ll always be a Rhino user .

Bob Mcneel… don t sell out to Autodesk nor Dassault Systeme …please…

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Hi Andre,
appears that Autodesk has dropped the trial version from the shop completely.

Do you have contact details for VSR in Germany?

Hello Stefan,

no sorry, I lost the contact. In the web there seems also to be no more
company like Virtualshape.com to exist.
I will not buy any more Autodesk products.


The target for Autodesk is to eliminate as many plug in companys as they
No plug ins makes rhino a lot less attractive and it gets easier to sell
that stupid inventor and all the shit.

Please don’t you buy Autocad or anything else from these pirates.
There are lots of alternatives which are cheaper with similar functions.

Except there isn’t.
Or could you point me to any alternative to the VSR/Autodesk shape modeling plug-in, not to mention a cheaper one?

No, you are right. For this purpose there is no alternative.
Time to create one?

Why mcneel did not bought vsr?! It should be a great improvement that give to rhino a realy goal!!