Any alternatives to Shape Modelling Plug-In?

Are there any good alternatives to the Shape Modelling Plug-In that Autodesk now sells? I wish I had known about it when it was on sale for under $400. It’s over $1300 now.


I am so glad that I got Shape Modelling when it was on the ‘Early Adopters’ price. Don’t use it that often but when I do it is invaluable. I should make it a more regular part of my work flow since I do yacht design and the continuities in this field are probably even more demanding than in the auto field. A little oddity here and there on an auto probably won’t make that big a difference other than visually, but imagine what a very small kink with a medium that is 800 times denser than air would make. I’ve gotten models for yachts that were started in Alias and am just now beginning to understand why AutoDesk bought VSR Shape as it brings a lot of Alias functionality to Rhino.

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