Autodesk/VSR Shape 3.0

Well since as best as I can tell this has slipped by totally unnoticed, I went to the VSR website the other day and I saw that on the downloads page you can now download the Autodesk version of Shape.

So I did that, which gives you a 60 day free trial. Then I realized that there were some new commands and features, and so lo and behold, I was looking at V 3.0, which seems to have been pushed out with absolutely no fanfare at all. Here’s the full list of updates and adds to V 3.0:

It’s not for sale on their website, so I went to the Autodesk site, and was in for another surprise:

So it’s uhhhhhhh 72% off until March 7 2014? $371 instead of $1,325??? I can understand why a lot of Rhino folks felt like VSR was out of their price range before, but that price is worth the Multi-Blend function alone, which I should mention has been updated and is better than ever.

Just thought I’d throw this out there since Autodesk/VSR hasn’t said a single word about this, as best as I can tell.


Thanks for this, it’s a great news!
And the first time autodesk make discount in a product… Bad days for everyone :wink:
I’ll buy for sure, multiblend, is not the SOLUTION, but worth that money for sure.
Merry Xmas

beware subscription pricing…I’m not aware of vsr having this, but AD is notorious for charging $$$ for a software subscription. Low price in, may mean big price to keep running later…


No subscription.
As far as I understand they had to change to Autodesks licensing system and therefore couldn’t offer an upgrade to existing customers.
So they decided to sell the plug-in for the upgrade price for a limited time.
It will go back to (at least) its old price, which was a brilliant deal anyway for what it’s offering.


Can someone explain to me what this software does?

The short answer is that it’s a plugin aimed at making Class A surfacing easier

I have a floating license of VSR 2.0. I don’t see a floating license option available from Autodesk. I wonder how I would go about updating my purchase to the latest level?


Unfortunately, can’t buy this through the Autodesk website in Europe. When I enquired, was told that I’d have to contact a reseller. They’re all on holiday atm, so I’ll have to wait until the New Year :frowning:

I hope the resellers are offering the same discount.

As far as i have gathered, floating license is not available anymore, neither an upgrade from version 2.0.
We have to buy a new version, with a new autodesk licensing policy (a perpetual license).
The discounted price is similar to what VSR would have charged for an upgrade to V3.0, but will effectively cost more not being a floating license.

Yes you can, i recently purchased the German version, this also support other languages,
And yes, it still has the discount only its euros instead of dollars so you do pay 150$ more but it still a good deal.

You can download a trial from the vsr website and purchase in the meanwhile, you dont get your activation codes during the weekend (atleast mine didnt)…

Does anyone know if this license is locked to one computer, or can it be transferred if necessary?


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the latest version should now be available in the eStore for other countries, too. Mitch, I will try to find out about the transfer policy, all this is new to me, too. :wink:



Hi Mitch,

the license can be transferred if necessary. It’s a commandline call, that logs you in into your Autodesk account (which you get when buying the product), and allows you to export the license. It can then be imported on another machine.


OK, cool, maybe it’s time to buy one then… :slight_smile:

Cheers, --Mitch

You got a bit more than a month to decide before the offer expires. :smiley:

I have in work Icem surf but at home i will use VSR. He hasn´t chordal filet and etc. But it is best choice between Alias and ICEM.

Hi Michael,

But would you know if it’s possible to install this on more than one computer?

Best regards

  • Björn

I’d like to know that too.
The VSR licenses were node locked, that means for one machine only.
But as Autodesk took over and changed licensing (and the license PDF for shape modeling cannot be found on their website yet) it would be good if Michael could gibe us some information about the new terms.


Hi guys,

will try to find out and let you know as soon as possible.