Anyone have an installer for Autodesk Shape Modeling Plug-in for Rhino?

I’ve been happily using the Shape Modeling plug-in for the last couple of years, but my computer died and I’m re-installing Rhino and assorted plug-ins on a new PC now.

I’ve managed to re-install my T-Splines plug-in and save the installer in case of future disaster.

But I can’t find any sources for the Shape Modeling plug-in installer. It’s disappeared from the Autodesk website.

Very frustrating situation for a paying customer!

I’ve tried contacting Autodesk and have even talked to a real human there, but they were more interested in selling me Fusion 360 than helping me get back the plugin I bought from them.

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Ok disregard - I just pulled the hard drive out of my old laptop and put it in a shell, and low and behold there was an installer in the Autodesk folder on my old machine.

Got the plugin re-installed and Autodesk is still running the license server so I’m at least good until this machine dies!

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Hi Leo,

 I found myself in the same situation and was looking for the download for the latest VSR on AD's vast website to no avail. One of those little 'chat with and agent' windows kept popping up (very annoying!) and in desperation I asked the chat agent. She sent me a link straight to the download for VSR within a couple of minutes. But I too will keep a copy of the installer archived as it may not be as easy in the future.
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I’m in the need of setting up a new computer used for surface modeling. I wonder if there is still any change to install this plugin on a new computer? I’m not sure if that license I bough was node locked or not. If it can be transferred,. or if there is a chance to buy a new license?


it would be very appreciated if anyone could share latest vsr installer.


I downloaded the latest version from Autodesk, the file had to be broken into multiple parts to upload due to file size limits on the website. Download all parts to a directory before trying to decompress using Winrar or similar utility. Autodesk_Shape_Modeling_Rhino_2014_English_Win_64bit.part1.rar (19.1 MB)


Part 2 of 4Autodesk_Shape_Modeling_Rhino_2014_English_Win_64bit.part2.rar (19.1 MB)


Part 3 of 4Autodesk_Shape_Modeling_Rhino_2014_English_Win_64bit.part3.rar (19.1 MB)


Part 4 of 4 Autodesk_Shape_Modeling_Rhino_2014_English_Win_64bit.part4.rar (11.4 MB)