Vray texture mapping ! help

Hi there guys , can someone help me out with a texture mapping with a object. So the basic idea is to have a ball like a tennis ball but with a specific pattern on it.I want to have the fur on like the tennis ball ! without the white line/curve

I use Rhino 5. and Vray 3.40

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I guess I would try first to apply a spherical mapping…
Is that not working for you for some reason?

Sphere with V-Ray hair:
tennis.3dm (390.3 KB)


I use rhino not 3dMax - I don’t find any good mat for rhino and I don’t know the settings for fur to apply.The spherical mapping always does some weird deformation on top and bottom pole - is not like a normal ball !

makabrys, you should read this article, it explains a lot:


Is there not the new triplanar mapping at VfR3.x?

I don’t know , I’m noob in rhino and vray , I played with fur but didn’t manage to do what I need , so any help I will much appreciate it .thx

In my post I included the Rhino file!
Just open it and study the material used and the V-Ray fur settings…
And no, using spherical mapping did not produced any weird deformation at the poles, as you can see in the image.

Hey thx …fss I was stupid I was thinking is for 3dMax- but I can’t figure it out how to apply the texture with the flowers !

I think you could get by with planar mapping. One for each petal.
Post a file with a few petals and the image you’d like to apply and I’ll show you how.

Got something ! :slight_smile: . thx Marc …

rly thank you for your time and effort !

cya around.

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Marc do you know how I save in alpha channel on V-ray 3.4 ?! /ty

By default in 3.4, the Alpha channel is always enabled:

If you need additional channels, they are available here:

You can see axamples of all the render elements here: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYRHINO/Render+Elements