Vray 3.6 + Rhino - Texture mapping is broken



After updating Vray from 3.5 to 3.6 have I encountered an issue with texture mapping.

All attempts to make a custom texture mapping results in unwanted results. It seems like the texture wont repeat itself and only one “tile” of the texture is visible, while the rest of the model gets a solid color.

Anyone experiencing the same?

(Marc Gibeault) #2

Yes and Chaosgroup is aware.
See their forum for discussion about this and workaround

(lukema) #3

Hey I experienced the same. Is there an update on it? Or can you tell whats the workaround?



(lukema) #5

cool. thank you.

Viewport is not matching my render
(Mortenmoller1985) #6

I don’t have access to the forum eventhiugh i am a member. can anyone explain what the workaround is?


Please. read this:


Vray 3.60.02 for rhino is out there since 28 March 2018.
Finally they correct map textures.


(abusko) #9

I’m using v. 3.60.04 and it seems that the problem is still not fixed.


Vray 3.60.04 for Rhino???
Sorry but the latest vray version for Rhino is 3.60.02 ADV “Official Release Mar 28, 2018” - Yes, they the bad vizualization of map textures in viewports.


This is the Change log fix and corrections:

V-Ray | Rhino | WIN


[New Feature]
() Handle the Multi Matte render element
) Implement camera focus based on the camera target or based on a fixed point in 3d space
() Improve Batch Render window/panel UI and functionality
) Rhino 6 Support
() V-Ray for Grasshopper 5 & 6
) Utilize the Rhino ‘Status Bar / Progress’

() Add manual texture synchronization between V-Ray and Rhino for certain materials
) Handle the viewport_texture userData parameter in a consistent way for all materials
() Remove the Clean Material Table command from the V-Ray menu
) Automatically add a V-Ray Clipper with each Rhino Clipping Plane created
() Create V-Ray plane clippers using the ‘Center’ section plane creation mode
) Change the naming of the Multimatte elements to ‘MM_R_G_B’
() Improve the V-Ray for Rhino Windows Start menu folder
) Do not allow installing V-Ray for Rhino 6 if Rhino 6.2+ is not installed
() Dome Light widget transforms should affect its shape as well as texture
) Disable display pipeline during Sun animation recording
() NeUI render icon resets after the first animation frame is complete
) Change the way animation frames are handled
() Change the ‘V-Ray’ object properties button to an icon
) Orient the DomeLight widget in line with the directional light vector
(*) Dome light widget is not rotated correctly if the source directional light is scaled nonuniformly

() Use Rhino’s color picker window instead of windows color picker
) Handle “Sync with Rhino Environment” function of the Dome Light
() Implement progress popup window
) Bump appsdk to 1.24.01
() Animation view rendering does not save the output images to the correct location and its end status is Error
) Batch Render’s Open Output Image/Folder options are permanently grayed out
() The Render Elements output has to be copied to the appropriate folder together with the Beauty pass
) Add ‘Create Folder’ button to the batch custom output folder browser window
() Adding a file in the Batch list and then deleting the file causes issues when the job gets started
) Move the Batch toolbar button outside of the Rendering section of the V-Ray Compact Toolbar
() Use button icons instead of text in the Batch Renderer
) Reimplement VPR for Rhino 6
() Implement a way to change DOF focus distance based on the Rhino camera target distance automatically during a batch rendering job
) Sync HDR Light Studio environment
() Reintroduce the Grasshopper’s Simple Mtl node ability to export .vrmat files
) Handle the case if V-Ray is not loaded or not current renderer
() Sync basic Rhino environment
) Rhino 6: Safe Frames toggle is not functioning
() Hook up VFB Progress bar when rendering Grasshopper projects
) Implement ‘Material Preset’ node
() Improve V-Ray descriptions in Grasshopper
) Remove legacy (3.4) components
() Modify installer script to support Grasshopper for Rhino 6
) Grasshopper Option Picker can’t be connected to a newly created component

() The ‘Rhino Document Sun’ is missing from the ‘Rhino Default.vropt’ causing the sun to be incorrectly enabled in new scenes
) Link/Unlink Clipper buttons use an unkown command
() Changes to VrayFur textures do not update the scene during Interactive rendering
) Invalid output image path shows a prompt/warning even though IR has been started
() Second level geometry child plugin parameters don’t get properly updated
) Rhino hangs upon creating VRayScene viewport preview
() Changing VRayScene parameters during Interactive rendering stops the process
) Scene update during CPU Interactive Stereo rendering changes the camera to Mono
() Named objects fail to appear in the Clipper Include/Exclude list when their name consists of only 1 character
) Disconnecting the Grasshopper V-Ray camera node doesn’t cause the proper scene update
() Imported VRscenes are misplaced when rendered on DR slaves
) Setting the Background multiplier to 1 during IR causes multiple scene updates
() Mesh light disappears during IR upon being renamed
) The Uninstaller still fails to delete the AppSDK folder sometimes
() Rendering Bongo animation causes a crash on the second frame
) Error saving image with Bongo
() Texture mapping changes don’t update during IR
) Environment Fog’s light list duplicates selected sphere lights
() Replacing one material with another does not update the blocks in scene during Interactive render
) Interactive render stops when Spotlight’s Cone or Penumbra angle values are changed
() Changing an IES Light file does not cause an IR update
) V6 Installer task list does not update properly
() Apply Layer Material window cannot assign materials with special characters
) Unsetting V-Ray as a renderer during VPR causes the viewport to stall
() Rhino material converted to V-Ray doesn’t display its Diffuse map in the viewport
) The ‘Material Conflict’ dialogue window stops to appear after choosing “Apply All” once
() Light color changes from the Rhino properties with the Lights Window loaded crashes Rhino
) Animation toggle doesn’t appear on localized language Rhino
() The IES light properties panel in Rhino does not update properly
) When creating a Sun Light from a Directional light the new plugin parameters are not functioning
() NeUI Textures are always wrap clamped in the Rhino viewport
) RenderInWindow and RenderWindow do not bring up the VFB
() Rhino crashes when the AA filter is disabled during Interactive rendering
) Installer creates too big image file (530MB)
() UV Editor geometry shouldn’t be visible in the rendered image
) The Environment Fog lights include list doesn’t work
() Rhino hangs upon opening a project in the Batch Render tool
) Error Reading Archive
(*) Rhino crashes at startup as long as V-Ray is installed


NeUI 1.1.4

() Increase section toggles’ hit boxes
) Improve VRayFur tooltips
() The Rhino Clipper Include/Exclude list should be in a section
) Remove the Save Image Alpha option when Multichannel is enabled
() Reset number input changes on Escape key press
) Add Show In Viewport button to the Bitmap textures in MtlToon and Mtl2Sided
() Switch to new Stereo camera workflow
) Add info button to Environment Fog when GPU is toggled on
() Add info button to BRDFScanned when GPU is toggled on
) Add drag & drop functionality and a context menu to the material input slots/button
() Allow for materials using MtlSingleBRDF plugin as a base to display textures in the SK and RH viewports
) Add ‘Animation’ roll-out to the VRScene Layout similar to the one in the Proxy
() Improve Proxy Animation Offset parameter tooltip
) V-Ray Spotlight Cone Angle setting should be measured in degrees

(*) Remove the “manager” word from the Swarm tooltip

() Material slots don’t properly accommodate for long entry names
) The NeUI icon doesn’t look right in the Task Manager
() Changing VRayFur maps do not update Interactive Render
) Blend material incorrect when the coat layer is assigned a material before the base
() Entering + or - in number input field clears the input
) Deleting the digits after the decimal separator ‘.’ of a float value, moves the ‘cursor’ on the left of the separator
() Output file paths should not get auto-resolved
) Number inputs with sliders does not respect read/write transforms for dynamic resize of the slider’s range
() Gradient texture nodes display incorrect color when first created
) The Spot Light Cone Angle limit should be set to 360 degrees
() The Proxy export progress no longer appears during export
) Copy and Pasting a color in a Gradient does not work
() U/V tiling of textures is constraint to 100
) Environment textures are not displayed properly in the texture preview
() Generic material’s quick settings IOR parameter is not functioning
) Tab hopping between Color Picker focuses input boxes in incorrect order

NeUI 1.1.3

[New Feature]
(*) Implement MultiMatte render element

() Change the default slider ranges for the Spot Light angles and impove the tooltips
) The Render Interactive icon should use the same teapot position as Render Production
() Expose ‘movement_rate’ parameter in the Water texture UI
) Expose the Cast Shadows and Only in Secondary options for the MtlASGVIS
() The Animation settings should go out of the Render Output layout
) Add options for changing the Camera Target source
(*) Re-arrange the environment overrides for the MltASGVIS wrapper

() Drop the VRayFur’s Map Channel setting
) Add the ‘Multi Matte’ element option in the Render Elements list

() Reset (disable) material interpolation options with the migration script
) The Water texture tooltips are missing
() The Progress Window scrolls down to the bottom on mouse-click
) Asset Editor’s Material tabs appear black when inactive

NeUI 1.1.2

() NeUI hangs if a scene with enabled VR Camera and Image Filter is loaded
) Missing UVWGenChannel/uvw_transform in a 3.4 scene causes a crash in 3.6

(abusko) #12

My bad:
it’s Vray Core: 3.60.04
the Vray version is 3.60.01 :slight_smile:


you should update to latest Vray 3.60.02 to get map textures fix as other issues corrections
But as always there are some minor bug as always. I read in Chaos Group forum that they know about it and soon as possible they will send another updates.

(abusko) #14

Thanks for the info! Can’t wait for the textures to start working properly - it was driving me crazy.


Any news regarding this issue?
(At my office we’ve just upgraded to Rhino 6 + Vray 3.6… And we’ve now come to notice this issue as well)

(N+P Arkitektur ApS) #16

Not sure who to talk to regarding this, so I’m sorry if you’re the wrong one, John.
(Maybe you can guide us to the correct person?)

We, my office, have been in contact with Chaosgroup, from which we’ve been told this “mapping + viewport update -issue” is a Rhino related problem, and that we should give you guys a nudge.

(specifically, the mapping won’t update in viewport when changing the uvw-size. We have to manually force it by moving/transforming the geometry for anything to happen… and if we undo by ctrl+z, the mapping goes back to un-updated)

We’ve been having the problem ever since we updated to Rhino 6.
Anything we can do to help regarding the situation… or should we just sit tight and hold onto our sanity? :wink:


(John Brock) #19

I’m off today but I’ll try to get this to the rendering people



Well done N+P!
Just noticed that one :wink:


Any news?