Vray renders upside down?

Hi i was just wondering if anyone knows why my renders are coming out upside down? I tried to reset my C plane but that didn’t have any results.

Any help would be much appreciated.


cool, never seen this kind of trick. Thinking of how it might have happened it is either a 180deg camera tilt, or you viewport transformation is somehow not read correctly.

In V-Ray there are not cplanes, everything is in WCS !

Can you make the same thing with a simple cube (no textures, lights, etc… just a cube) and attach the .3dm, please ?

nice model! How have you modelled the curtains?

I experienced this problem several times, it’s an old bug realeted to vray camera dof.
you need to change the focus source, even if the dof is off in this moment…
Set it to camera target and your world wll be straight again :slight_smile:

Amazing! thanks so much! :))))

This is not a bug, in fact. Your focus point is behind the camera. Since the camera is just a point in space, the math works with negative number for the focus distance. This is physically correct. It occurs to me if I look to a nearby object thru my telescope
The DoF toggle is fixed for some time, so if you have the latest version, you shouldn’t get the lookback render

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