Rhino renderer rendering upside down

Hi guys, I have a problem with the renderer where it’s currently rendering everything upside down, also custom viewport for rendering sizes isn’t working. I’m running the newest version 7 SR8
(7.8.21168.1001, 2021-06-17). I have reset everything to default several times as well as restarted my computer several times, which didn’t fix it. Thanks for your help!

Hi @krystalline
Are you - by any chance - using Vray? If yes, take a look here.
HTH, Jakob

Hi, no, just regular Rhino - Cycles. :slight_smile:

Hey @nathanletwory, I’m seeing this too in the Raytraced display mode in a viewport and in the Render window in the latest SRC (7.8.21168.1001, 2021-06-17). The other display modes, including Rendered, are normal.

in Cycles the image is initially correct whilst uploading the mesh but flips around the point where the render clock starts counting.

Render mode:


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I am currently experiencing this now. Has there been a fix yet for this?

Version 7 SR8
(7.8.21168.1001, 2021-06-17)

The fix is in the code, but we’re waiting for @brian to release the next Rhino 7.8 SRC.

Got it, thank you for the update.

Confirm this is fixed in 7.8.21174.15001, 2021-06-23. Thanks @nathanletwory!

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Thank you for confirming.