VRay proxy keeping its VRay materials

Was curious if anyone knows the rules on how to make a VRay proxy keep ahold of its VRay materials? or if it is possible. When I create a Vray proxy with one material it will keep ahold of it. When it has several it looses the VRay materials and I get just a solid color. Would save tons of time for me. :slight_smile:

Whick vray do you use? and wich vray mesh option do you chosse?

i’ve just tried making a proxy of a whole house (at least 10 different vray materials) and no problem…

if u delete your material on the scene (or open a new scene and only bring your Proxy object in) you will not see the material on proxy object.
that is because Vray proxy does not save material, it only saves geometry which then u can use as a path

it does store material names so you have to make sure you do have those material on the scene.

I am using Vray for 3dsmax and maya. but I am sure they are about the same as in Vray for Rhino.


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Using the latest VRay and Rhino. Ah, so I need to use the proxy models in the same file as I created the proxy in the first place.

exactly. if you want to actually reference objects with material in it, you have to use Vrayscene instead. ( I am not sure if it is available in Rhino)