Vray Interactive Render Problem with Visualarq

if I render a Visualarq wall or object with the interactive render then the UV is not correct but in normal rendering everything is fine. It seems to be a bug. Any change in UV affects only the normal renderer but not the interactive one.


Hi Bjoern,
Interactive render is not supported by VisualARQ yet. We will fix this in future versions. I’ll keep you posted.

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By the way, are you using VRay interactive render, Rhino’s Raytraced display mode, or any other interactive render display?

I only use the Vray Standard/Interactive Renderer “Cuda engine”.

Ok, thanks!

Hi Francesc,

I’ll use your post, to calm our QA and support teams down. They keep logging me tickets about VA not working with V-Ray interactive


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@bjornsmolarek, @Nikolay I’m glad to inform you that we have fixed this issue in VisualARQ 2.13, which is already available for download. See more details here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released

Hi Francesc

I noticed that with Version changing the VisualARQ objects’ Texture Mapping UVW offset, repeat and rotation does not have any effect of their texture appearance (both in Rendered and Raytraced view and V-Ray). Is there any particular reason for this? In Version 2.12.6 it is working fine.
Here is a screenshot with Rendered view (Version, VisualARQ slab on the left, Rhino box on the right, both geometries have Box mapping and the same UVW repeat and UVW rotation values: