Texture mapping behaviour

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Hi Franscesc,

I stumbled upon another strange issue, maybe you can elaborate a little bit on the way texture mapping is working for VA objects?
I made a short video using the octane rendering engine:

I think I understand that VA objects are behaving block like, however since there is no place within the VA object / styles properties to define texture mapping, I wonder how this is actually working…

It would be a very useful thing IMHO to be able to define a universal texture mapping e.g. boxmapping (normally in Architecture this would be good 90 % for all objects) 1m X 1m X 1m, which would be used for any VA object and could be overridden on a per object base. The sizes for the different textures could then be defined within the material.



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(Jerry Bakowski) #3

Take a look here: flamingo textures. Maybe it has something in common with your problems. With Rhino 5 there were no issues with rendering VA models.
Cheers, Jaro

(Ramon Carceles) #4

Hi @walther,

I have made a test with a Rhino box, VisualARQ wall and a Rhino block and the render output is ok, the mapping is almost the same for all of them. Did you use a Rhino material or an Octane material?

Could you send me your example model with the texture to visualarq@asuni.com ?

(Andreas Walther) #5

Hi Ramon,

attached please find another video and the according file… something is not working here…



(Ramon Carceles) #6

Hi @walther,

I see in the video that the texture doesn’t update after you change the values. This is an issue that we already know and we will solve soon. Currently you have to select the object and run _vaUpdate each time to see the changes.

(Andreas Walther) #7

…more weirdness…

… a picture rendered with the rhino render engine shows the correct mapping:

however, using the octane render engine shows a completely other picture :

this is actually the same appearance you will get if you completely delete any texture map, so it seems that VA objects cannot transmit their texture information to the octane render engine.

(Ramon Carceles) #8

Run the Rhino _RefreshAllTextures to make sure Octane gets the new mapping values.
We will try to solve this issue for future versions.
Kind regards

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(Andreas Walther) #9

…this does not seem to do anything here…


(Andreas Walther) #10

… at least the _vaUpdate command is able to update the viewport, how ever that is a veeeery cumbersome workflow and not really usable.

Please fix this, I also wrote a message to Paul Kinnane ( paulphysicalc ) in the otoy octane forum…