VRay GPU rendering - Bump map

Hi All,
I have some issues with VRay for Rhino.
I’m using texture (.png) with Tri-Planar node in the material Bump Map. If I use CPU rendering everything works well. But, if I try to use GPU rendering instead - Bump Amount doesn’t seem to work at all - material renders the same with different Bump Amount settings.
Any ideas why this is happening?


I’m having the same problem and can’t find a solution. I know others here have noticed this as well.

I find this page hard to find and read but if you look at the footnotes:


“Only some procedural textures are supported by V-Ray CUDA renderer when used for Bump mapping (f.e. noise and mix maps are supported)”

Maybe that could be it.


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yes, it might be.

the use of tri-planar mapping would be essential for our work, since 95% of the time our models doesn’t have UVs and we don’t have time to do that.

‘3d Mapping’ feature for procedural textures would be very useful too if it works with GPU rendering

I believe 3d mapping does work but oftentimes I waste hours thinking something is working on gpu and realizing afterwards it didn’t work from the very beginning.

Hi All,

Does anyone know if this GPU rendering limitation will be solved in the next version of Vray for Rhino? VfR4?

Maybe @Peter.Chaushev can tell us?



I had a similar issue and sent a note to Chaosgroup. Below is their response:

613-528-743 Render Issue New Installation CPU vs GPU Rendering Displacement Issues


Please note that CPU and GPU are completely different engines. In this specific case 3D Mapping in noise texture is not supported by GPU. We recommend, when you start a project to chose what type of engine will you use in the beginning and use that through the whole project.

Best Regards,

Slavcho Brusev

Chaos Group

Did you get any indication if this was a limitation only in the current rendering engine in the Rhino version? Or if this will stay this way in the future?

Hopefully GPU rendering will get more supported features asap. Missing Material ID render element is a joke.


Sorry, no indication other than what was given.

The GPU engine in V-Ray Next does not have this limitation.
Furthermore, Material ID render channel is split into two separate ones - Material ID Color and Material ID Number. Both supported on GPU. MultiMatte is available as well.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev


That’s great to know @Peter.Chaushev. And the upcoming Vray 4 for Rhino will have this Vray-Next engine, correct? if so, there’s any chance that we could get my team in the beta build of this? We own the current Vray for Rhino and Vray for Modo.

@IgorK is now working on setting up our libraries and having access to the Vray Next build would be extremely helpful.



For invitation to the V-Ray Next for Rhino Beta, please send an email at support@chaosgroup.com or directly at peter.chaushev@chaosgroup.com with a brief description of your field of work and your ChaosGroup account name.


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