Vray questions: Channel mapping & procedural textures?

I have two questions about Vray and Rhino that I haven’t found any information on the chaos group website. was hoping someone here might have some helpful info.

  1. When using mapping channels to map bump, spec & diffuse separately how can I choose which channel I am seeing in a ‘render’ mode view port? I cant figure it out, it seems to just show the diffuse layer even when the mapping channel I am tweaking has a different texture.

Without the ability to see the texture of the channel I’m mapping it seems that the having channels is less useful then it could be.

  1. Has anyone found a way to have Vray procedural textures shown in the rhino ‘render’ view-port? If I want to use a procedural noise for my diffuse is there any way to see this in render mode? Cant figure it out and this would be very useful.

Why you don’t ask at the Vray for Rhino forum? So the right developer could answer and if missing add the needed function.

Thought it might be a Rhino issue. Especially the mapping

  1. you can activate the MultipleMapping switch in the Rhino TextureMapping side panel.
    Then you can select different map for different channel.
    Next you can change the image channel in to the Texture Editor of each map.

  2. You simple can’t. At least at the moment. Sorry.


Hi Skysurfer,

Thanks for the helpful reply. I think I understand but can you explain the last part?

“Next you can change the image channel in to the Texture Editor of each map.” , Any chance you can explain how this works, or post a screen shot?

Thanks again, much appreciated!

Here there is.
Hope this be clear enough.

Hi Skysurfer,

Yes, that is exactly what I have been doing.

The problem is in the view port I only see the texture that is assigned to the first diffuse slot, regardless of what channel it is on. If i put a bump map on channel 2 and I want to adjust the texture mapping I still only see the texture in the diffuse slot which might be on channel 1 (or what ever channel its assigned to).

Say I add a second diffuse slot and put it on channel 2, and a bump map on channel 3. When I change the mapping of either of these in the view port I’m still just looking at the first vary diffuse texture in the material stack . Do you see the textures assigned to the individual channels when you select them in the texture mapping side panel? i.e. if bump is on channel 3, do you see the bump map in the view port when you select channel 3?

This is what I’m hoping is possible. Without this I have to keep changing the bitmap and channel in the first diffuse slot to the same texture and channel that I’m using to map the bump. I’m hoping there is a way I can simply see the texture assigned to the channel I’m mapping.

Ahhh, sorry this is a know problem.
There’s no way, at the moment, to display other than the 1st diffuse textures.

you are doing right, that’s the only way…

Damn! That is bad news. Would be very helpful to have that ability.

Thanks for taking the time.

Yeah, it’s a long time request… never satisfied !!