Vray Rhino won't render for some reasn

Hello! I’m not sure if this is a right place to ask questions but, it’s sort of urgent.

I’m trying to render with v-ray rhino but somehow the rendering process stops right after it gets started

Preparing renderer…
Preparing scene for rendering…
[RenderView] startCameraTime=0.000000, endCameraTime=0.033333
[RenderView] numCameraTMs=2, numFrames=1, frameSamples=2
Initializing built-in VFB.
[RenderView] startCameraTime=0.000000, endCameraTime=0.033333
[RenderView] numCameraTMs=2, numFrames=1, frameSamples=2
Preparing camera sampler.
Preparing scene for frame…
Compiling geometry…
Preparing ray server.
Creating and initializing 8 thread(s).
Allocating memory for build data of 16943 faces (135544 bytes, 0.1 MB).
Initializing face build data.
Creating ‘done’ event.
Starting first thread.
Waiting for thread completion.
Releasing thread resources.
SDTree statistics:
Total number of faces stored: 16943
Max tree depth: 42
Average tree depth: 18.5615
Number of tree nodes: 84871
Number of tree faces: 613306
Number of tree leafs: 23179
Average faces/leaf: 26.4596
Memory usage: 7.58 MB
Scene bounding box is [-29.0169,-56.6893,-13.6024]-[24.6878,-51.5386,2.6976]
Preparing direct light manager.
Preparing global light manager.
Irradiance sample size is 84 bytes
Photon size is 56 bytes.
Light cache sample size is 120 bytes.
Rendering image.
Setting up 8 thread(s)
Threads completed
Number of raycasts: 0
Camera rays: 0
Shadow rays: 0
GI rays: 0
Reflection rays: 0
Refraction rays: 0
Unshaded rays: 0
Clearing global light manager.
Clearing direct light manager.
Clearing ray server.
Clearing geometry.
Number of intersectable primitives: 16943
SD triangles: 16943
MB triangles: 0
Static primitives: 0
Moving primitives: 0
Infinite primitives: 0
Clearing camera image sampler.
Clearing camera sampler.
Clearing DMC sampler.
Clearing path sampler.
Clearing color mapper.

rendering stopped at that point and did not proceed any further…

The screen is just grey and I don’t see my model…

If someone can solve this, I will be so greatful

Thank you!

Hi Levi - Hmm - probably best to check in with Chaos Group, here: http://forums.chaosgroup.com/



If your V-Ray rendering has problems, make sure that the dongle is plugged in AND being seen. The easiest way I know to fix this is to un-plug it, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. You can also quit Rhino and re-launch. These two steps always work for me.

If there are problems with the rendered IMAGE, then I made a video to help trouble-shoot the most common errors.

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Did you set-up a proper scene or is just a test?
If you read the message looks like the rendering was done successfully
The scene is very small (bounding box of 5x5x11) and, probably, without any light.