Vray for Rhino 3.0 batchrender option?

Since our company upgraded to Vray 3.0 for Rhino, I haven’t been able to find the batchrender checkbox in the new interface, and as a result the entire Rhino window will stay frozen until the render is done, can anyone enlighten me as where it is or is that option gone?

Hi Jun_Wang,

Do you need something else than the standard Batch Render button?

see: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYRHINO/V-Ray+Batch+Render


Hi Jonish,

Thanks for the info. I know of this batch render function, however this is not what I meant. Back in Vray 2.0, there was this “batchrender” checkbox in settings which can freeze the main Rhino window while rendering so that multiple renderings can be done via scripts; and one can uncheck this box and as a result you Rhino main window will be accessible during rendering so you can render and work at the same time.

After I upgrade to Vray 3.0, I can’t find this checkbox anymore and the rendering process will always freeze the main Rhino window and it’s problematic in situation where I want to work and render at the same time.

Hope that clarifies it.

I have no idea, sorry. You can still uncheck some threads on the CPU and work in different window.

Best ask here


VfR3 should automatic handle it, but sounds like it’s not right working.

I don’t think it’s a bug.

Also we should not forget - some options are not accessible through the UI but still active. So, maybe the old option is still active. It can help to save the visopt, edit the file/option per text editor, save it and load it back to rhino again.

thnx for the advice, found a related thread here:

We removed the batch render option in V-Ray 3 for Rhino, We auto detect if you are in an animation command, and wait until render is finished if needed. There is a bug in this code, Until we fix this bug, run the below code in the command prompt before recording a bongo animation.

!-_RunScript (
Option Explicit
Dim VRay
Set VRay = Rhino.GetPluginObject("V-Ray for Rhino")
VRay.SetBatchRenderOn True

Guess just have to wait.

editing the visopt via text editor is a nice idea, I just don’t think changing it manually every time I need to batch render several scenes is an efficient workflow, I think I will just write a macro render button that will have a script component that does below code before a render command is called, and use that button only for single test renderings and remain the ability to run batch render via a different button:

VRay = Rhino.GetPluginObject("V-Ray for Rhino")
Vray.SetBatchRenderOn False

thank you both.